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BMS Wheel Pin Tool
Supports your wheels for a quick and easy install every time.
BMW Wheel Hanger Pin BMW Wheel Hanger Pin
Install your wheels the easy way
The BMS wheel pin simplifies the wheel / wheel spacer install process by holding the rim centered on the hub as you hand screw in your lug nuts. Just screw the wheel pin in to the top bolt hole and slide your rim over the pin on to the hub. You'll get perfect rim to hub alignment every time making the job faster, easier and safer. When ordering please select your exact vehicle to ensure you receive the correct wheel pin. They are different for different vehicles.
BMW Wheel Pin Hanger
BMW MINI Wheel Hanger

BMS Wheel Pin Tool fits the following BMW Vehicles.

Model Chassis Year Pin Size
1 Series E81, E82, E87, E88, 1M 2007-2013 (12mm X 1.5)
1 Series F20, F21 (NON-US Models only) 2011-Present (14mm X 1.25)
2 Series F22, F23. M2 2014-Present (14mm X 1.25)
3 Series F30, F31, F34 2012-Present (14mm X 1.25)
3 Series F80 M3 2015-Present (14mm X 1.25)
3 Series E90, E91, M3 Sedan 2006-2011 (12mm X 1.5)
3 Series E92, E93, M3 Coupe 2007-2013 (12mm X 1.5)
3 Series E46, M3 1998-2006 (12mm X 1.5)
3 Series E36, M3 1992-1998 (12mm X 1.5)
4 Series F32, F33, F36 Gran Coupe and F82 M4 2014-Present (14mm X 1.25)
5 Series F10, F11, M5, G30 2011-Present (14mm X 1.25)
5 Series E60, E61, M5 2004-2010 (12mm X 1.5)
5 Series E34, M5 1988-1996 (12mm X 1.5)
6 Series F12, F13, & F06 Gran Coupe, M6 2012-Present (14mm X 1.25)
6 Series E63, E64, M6 2003-2011 (12mm X 1.5)
7 Series F01, F02 2008-Present (14mm X 1.25)
7 Series E38 1995-2001 (12mm X 1.5)
7 Series E32 1987-1994 (12mm X 1.5)
Z4 E85, E89, E86 Z4M 2003-Present (12mm X 1.5)
Z3 Z3, Z3M 1997-2002 (12mm X 1.5)
Z8 E52 2000-2003 (12mm X 1.5)
X1 E84 2010-Present (12mm X 1.5)
X3 F25 2011-Present (14mm X 1.25)
X5/X6 E70, E71, F15, F16, X5M, X6M 2007-Present (14mm X 1.25)
What's my BMW chassis code? CLICK HERE to find out.

BMS Wheel Pin Tool

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