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Competition use only parts are clearly labeled as competition use only in the product listing page and may only be used
according to the guidelines posted on our Emissions Notice page.

InstallationĀ Guides Listed Below
(Installation guides can also be downloaded from the page the product was purchased from)

N54 JB Plus Jb4 installation guide
E9X & 135i N55 Stage1 & N55 JB4
F Series N55 Stage1
F Series JB4
N54 JB4
JB N20 Stage1 & JB4
F Series N63/S63/N63TU Stage1
B38/B46/B48/B58 JB4
G Series N63TU Stage1 and JB4 Install Guide
BMS Power Box (PBX)
JB Diesel Tuner (JBD)
JB4 Bluetooth Connect Kit
Short Shifter for BMW (E Chassis)
Short Shifter for BMW (F Chassis)
BMS Short Throw Clutch Stop
Modified Clutch Valve (CDV)
BMS Dual Cone Intake (DCI)
BMS F30 F32 N55 Performance Intake
BMS N55 Performance Intake
BMS F10 N55 Performance Intake
BMS B58 Billet Performance Intake
BMS Cowl Filters
N55/N20 Fuel Pressure Add On Connector
BMW Oil Catch Can N54 Engine
BMW Oil Catch Can N55 Engine
BMW Oil Catch Can N20 N26 Engine
BMW Oil Catch Can B58 Engine
BMW Oil Catch Can S55 M Engine
Wheel Spacers
Arc Angel H8 Angel Eyes (Halogen Bulbs)
VW Oil Catch Can

BMW LED angel eyes
BMW Wheel Spacers
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