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Bavarian Technic Cable Diagnostic / Reset Tool for BMW and Mini
Bavarian Technic BMW check engine light Applications:

All 2006+ BMW models are supported including
E & F chassis. Also supports all MINI Cooper models.

Finally you can see everything the dealer can!
Reset Check Engine Lights! Clear Fault codes!

Read & Reset your check engine, airbag and fault codes without costly BMW dealer visits!

A true "game changing" product, the Bavarian Technic gives you the power of a GT1/OPS/INPA system for a fraction of the price. Functions include reading/deleting extended codes, check engine light reset, tuner detection codes, and airbag light reset/codes. Also performs high speed data logging of over 600 parameters including knock retard, adaptation values, O2 sensors, boost targets, etc.

Bavarian Technic cable works with Engine, Airbag, ABS, DSC, Fuel Pump, Transmission, OEM BMW Alarm, Central electronics, Heating & A/C, and all other vehicle modules.

Plugs directly into your factory OBDII diagnostic port under your dash on the drivers side.
BMW Engine Code Scanner Service light rest tool

The Bavarian Technic cable communicates with your car just like the factory diagnostic tool does and can access all of the systems in the car.

Our hardware solution consists of an adapter cable which has one end that plugs into the USB port of a laptop or desktop computer and another end that plugs into the OBDII diagnostic port of your car. Since our hardware supports USB it is compatible with most computers.

What does it do?
The tool accesses the electronic control units in your BMW to:

  • Read and clear diagnostic fault codes
  • Display shadow faults and soft faults
  • Display and record real-time actual values
  • Activate components of the car for troubleshooting
  • Reset service reminders
  • Reset condition-based service indicators
  • Send special commands to control units
  • Show ECU information
  • Access the latest BMW DCAN systems for 2007+ models

Instructions and Reference

The Basic cable allows access of 1 VIN, Enthusiast cable allows access of up to 3 VINs while the Professional version allows scanning of an unlimited number of cars. The Enthusiast and Professional cables come with cases. The Basic cable does not.


Bavarian Technic Basic Cable
(allows access of 1 VIN, Case not included)

Only $179.00
Worldwide Shipping Available.
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Bavarian Technic Enthusiast Cable
(allows access of up to 3 VINs, Case included)

Only $287.00
Worldwide Shipping Available.
Estimate Shipping by adding to cart and entering in your ZIP code or country.

Bavarian Technic Professional Cable
(allows access to an unlimited number of cars, Case included)

Only $675.00
Worldwide Shipping Available.
Estimate Shipping by adding to cart and entering in your ZIP code or country.

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