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BMW Exterior
BMW Paddle Shift Retrofit

SALE! BMW Wheel Spacers by BMS $99.00 Reg. $119.00
One of the easiest BMW Mods! Widen the wheelbase of your BMW with a set of custom designed BMS BMW wheel spacers for superior handling and roll reduction. Wheel spacers push your rims and tires out flush with your wheel well for an instant aggressive look, better lateral stability and better handling. Bolt on better handling and looks. Sold in pairs. Longer bolts included.

BMW Jack Pad Adapter
BMW Jack Pad Adapter by BMS $19.00
Safely jack up your BMW at the 4 factory jack points the way it was meant to be lifted. This convenient BMW jack pad adapter is the only way to jack up your BMW. No more worries or broken factory jack points, damage to your rocker panel or vehicle undercarriage. Lift your BMW correctly, securely and perfectly aligned every time.
Titanium BMW Lug Nuts
NEW! Lightweight Titanium Lug Bolts for BMW $299.00
Titanium is known for its superior strength and light weight. This set of OEM style GR5 Titanium Lug Bolts is not only stronger than stock but weighs 45% less. A net savings of about a pound of rotating weight. Each set includes all 20 bolts and is priced almost half of what others charge for the same material. Not for use with wheel spacers kits.
NEW! LED Angel Eye Upgrade - LUX V5 Color Adjustable $224.00
Most BMW vehicles with angel eyes came from the factory with a dim H8 filament bulb to light both rings. Most enthusiasts are not satisfied with the dim brownish yellow light these emit. By installing LUX brand LED angel eyes not only will you be upgrading from halogen angel eyes to LED, you will also be able to change the light color of your BMW angel eyes from a neutral white 5000K all the way up to a cool blue 12,000K color. There are 9 pre-set color settings that are adjustable by small switches on the power supply.
Angel Eyes
Arc Angel White Halogen Angel Eyes SALE $29.00 + Free Shipping!
2007+ BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, X5, X6, and 6 Series. Arc Angel Bulbs are specifically designed as an easy plug and play enhancement to your OEM angel eyes. They produce a much whiter and cleaner looking light without the the need for messy wiring, ballasts, fault codes, dim outer rings, and other headaches typically associated with angel eye upgrades.
LED BMW Trunk Light
LED Footwell / Courtesy Lights for BMW $49.00 pair
Give your BMW a bright modern look with these amazing LED courtesy light conversions. These can be used under the doors and footwells. Installs in seconds plug & play. Exact OEM Fit and finish.
LED BMW Trunk Light
High Intensity LED License Plate Lights for BMW $49.00 pair
Upgrade your stock non-LED BMW license plate lights or upgrade your OEM LED BMW licence plate lights. Sold in pairs, these plug & play units are guaranteed to be super bright and are error code free. Easy to install with a simple screwdriver without any cutting or splicing. Update the look of your BMW!
LED BMW Trunk Light
NEW! BMW TowPlate™ No Drilling Front License Plate Holder Starting at $97.45
The cp-e™ BMW TowPlate™ was designed to mount the license plate off center, and away from the intercooler. This allows the intercooler to work at full capacity, which ultimately helps performance. The off-center placement is also congruent with the natural lines of the car, which looks trick without being ostentatious. The problem is that running a front plate typically requires permanent modification to the front bumper, looks out of place, and also blocks airflow to the front mounted intercooler. The cp-e™ TowPlate™ solves all of these problems.
LED BMW Trunk Light
NEW! Tow Hook Camera Mount for GoPro® Cameras $39.95 + Free Shipping!
Mounts your GoPro camera damage free in your front or rear tow BMW hook mounting area. This is a solid, safe, vibration free mounting area and is a great alternative to unreliable suction cups or double stick tape mounts. This mount keeps your GoPro brand camera on the car and off the street or track. The BMW tow hook BMW GoPro camera mount is constructed in the USA of cnc machined billet aluminum, anodized black for protection and reduced glare and has a stainless steel mounting bolt for a secure vibration free mount delivering professional results.
BMS Single Intake
NEW! 12V Power Cord for GoPro® Cameras $39.95 + Free Shipping!
Tired of your GoPro battery letting you down when the action starts? Imagine having full power to your GoPro Hero 3 at all times. It's now possible with this new 12v power adapter. Simply plug into your cigarette lighter outlet and route the 11' cable anywhere around your vehicle. The wired battery locks into the battery compartment on the back of your GoPro camera. This cable is the right choice for a hassle free GoPro power source. Order now and never worry about dead GoPro batteries again.
BMW Jack Pad Adapter
BMS Wheel Pin for BMW $10.00
The BMS wheel pin simplifies the wheel / wheel spacer install process by holding the rim centered on the hub as you hand screw in your lug nuts. Just screw the wheel pin in to the top bolt hole and slide your rim over the pin on to the hub. You'll get perfect rim to hub alignment every time making the job faster, easier and safer. It's like having a buddy hold the wheel up while you tighten the lug bolts. It's a great tool!
BMW Jack Pad Adapter
Spark Plug Socket tool - N54 N55 BMW $19.00
Fits all  2006+ N54 N55 Turbo BMW engines.
Everyone knows spark plug changes are suggested every 20k miles or so for tuned vehicles. Everyone also knows 2006+ BMWs requires a special socket to remove/reinstall the spark plugs. But what you might not know is the BMS socket fits like a glove and is only one third the price of a BMW socket! It also includes an integrated magnet to secure the plugs while raising and lowering them in the long bores.
BMW Protective Wheel Saver Socket $15.00
Fits all  BMW Models.
Don't let a standard wheel socket chew up your expensive rims. Equipped with a synthetic polymer coating and insert the BMW protective wheel saver socket glides around your rim as you unscrew and tighten your lugs leaving no scratches or signs of wear. It's a must have for the serious enthusiast's tool box.
Wheel Lock Set for BMW $29.00
Protect your expensive BMW OEM or aftermarket wheels! BMW's attract a lot of attention and unlocked wheels are sitting targets for thieves. These wheel locks help detour theft and offer you a little more peace of mind when parking outside overnight. The set includes 4 locking bolts, one for each wheel, as well as two keys. One for the trunk and another spare backup for your tool box. High quality locks at an affordable price.
Burger Motorsports Stickers
Burger Motorsports Logo Stickers $1.00
A Must for any JB equipped BMW! The last thing they see before they're in the dust.
Burger Motorsports high quality vinyl stickers. Just rub on and peel the applicator tape off.
Available in White, Black and Silver.
BMW LED angel eyes
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