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BMS Downshift Blocker
Exclusively for vehicles with the gas pedals pictured below

This nifty device clips on to your gas pedal allowing you to fully depress it without triggering a transmission downshift. Extremely handy for racing situations where you need to control gear shifts manually. When drag racing launching in 2nd gear and avoiding the kick down in to 1st will dramatically improve your 60' time on street tires.

For automatic and DCT vehicles only. Does not work on manual transmissions.

BMW Kick down shift blocker
To install the Type A downshift blocker you must keep it straight when pushing it on around the post. The pyramid shape must stay upright and the base aligned parallel with the bottom of the pedal. It will take some force but it will click around it if you keep the blocker flat when installing.
Downshift Stop BMW
To install the Type B downshift blocker Place the flat part of the blocker facing downward around the factory stop behind the pedal. The rounded part should be facing up. Make sure it is straight when clicking it down. You may or may not hear a "click" sound when the blocker is secured. You can press on the pedal lightly with your foot to click the blocker into place. You will know it is in position because it will lay flat like in the above photo. Remember, rounded side facing up. Flat part down.
BMW Kick down blocker stopper
To install the Type C downshift blocker Please see click here.
Kickdown blocker BMW gas pedal
To install the Type D downshift blocker Please see click here.

Please double check your gas pedal type BEFORE ordering!
Type C and D look similar.

BMS Downshift Blocker

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