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BMS M5/M6/X5M/X6M Stage 1 Performance Tune

• 2012-2016 F10 M5
• 2017 + F90 M5

• 2012-2019 F12/13 M6

• 2010+ X5M
• 2011+ X6M

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JB4 BMW performance parts tuner chip

Looking to run higher power levels with your //M in an easy to install and remove package with stock like power delivery? Then look no further than the BMS Stage1 Performance Tuner.

The BMS Stage1 tune is the gold standard in //M performance, reliability, and value. It installs and removes in minutes, is preset to 4psi of boost over stock, and delivers power gains of up to 60hp to the wheels and up to 60 torque to the wheels. Unlike some of our competitors the BMS Stage1 tune is compatible with both base and competition flash vehicles and drives as smooth as stock only with a lot more power available when you mash the pedal. All factory engine safety systems and tuning operations remain in place. Compatible with all driving modes.

For higher power levels or heavily modified vehicles checkout our S63TU JB4 system!
BMS F1X M5/M6 S63TU Stage1 Install Guide
BMS F8X X5M/X6M S63TU Stage1 Install Guide
BMS 2018+ F90 M5/M6 Stage1 Install Guide
BMS E7X X5M/X6M S63 Stage1 Install Guide
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M5/M6 Dyno Results
2018 F90 M5, Stage 1, 93 octane, otherwise stock 2015 M5, Stage 1, 93 octane, otherwise stock
Tuned M6 Dyno
BMS M5/M6/X5M/X6M Stage 1


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