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JB Plus Tuners for BMW, MINI, and Mercedes-Benz

Want to install 30-50hp quicker than you can read this paragraph? Introducing our JB Plus quick install tuner. It attaches to one sensor under the hood and unlocks the hidden power hiding under your hood. Working with the DME it remaps turbocharger boost pressure, while fueling and ignition advance remain managed seamlessly by the DME preserving all factory function and safety systems. Boost gains are adjustable up to 4.5psi using an adjustment dial on the JB Plus. Finally experience how your vehicle should have come from the factory. Fuel economy during normal driving is unchanged.

JB Plus Tuners for BMW
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BMW 1 Series
2008-2010 N54 E82 Coupe 135i
2008-2010 N54 E88 Convertible 135i
2011 N54 E82 1M
2013-2017 N55 F20 F21 M135i
2015+ B58 M140i
• 2016+ B48 F20 F21 120i

BMW 2 Series
2014-2018 N55 BMW F22/F23 M235i
2015+ N55 F87 M2
• 2014+ N20/N26 F22/F23 220i/228i
2017+ F22 F23 B58 M240i/ix
2017+ F22 F23 B48 230i/ix
2017+ F22 F23 B48 225i/ix
2017+ F22 F23 B46 220i/ix

BMW 3 Series
2006-2010 N54 E90 Sedan 335i/335ix
2006-2010 N54 E91 Touring 335i/335ix
2006-2010 N54 E92 Coupe 335i/335ix
2006-2010 N54 E93 Convertible 335i/335ix
2011-2013 N54 E92 Coupe 335is
2012+ N55 BMW F30 F31 335i/ix
2013+ N55 BMW F34 335i xDrive GT
• 2012+ N20/N26 3 Series F30 320i/328i
2016+ F30 F31 B58 340i/340ix
2016+ F30 F31 B48 330i/330iX/330e
2016+ F30 F31 B48 325i/325ix
2016+ F30 F31 B38 318i/318ix

BMW 4 Series
2014+ N55 F32 F33 F36 435i/435xi
• 2014+ N20/N26 F32 F33 F36 420i/428i/ix
2016+ B58 F32 F33 F36 440i/440ix
2016+ B48F32 F33 F36 430i/430ix
2016+ B46 F32 F33 F36 420i/420ix

BMW 5 Series
2008-2009 N54 E60 Sedan 535i/535ix
2008-2009 N54 E61 Touring 535i/535ix
2012+ N55 F07 535i GT
2012-2016 N55 F10 F11 535i/535ix
2011-2016 N20/N26 F10 520i/528i/ix
• 2017+ B58 G30 540i/540ix
• 2018+ B48 G30 530e

BMW 6 Series
2011+ N55 F13 640 Coupe
2011+ N55 F12 640 Convertible
2012+ N55 F06 640 Gran Coupe

BMW 7 Series
2016+ G01 B58 740i/740Li

BMW X Series
2012+ N55 X3 X5 X6
2008-2014 N54 BMW X6 xDrive35i
2014+ E84 X1
2013+ X3 F25
2017+ BMW X4 M40i
X1 B46/B48

BMW Z Series
2009-2016 BMW Z4 sDrive35i, 35is
2011-2016 Z4 28i

BMW Diesel
2006-2011 BMW E Chassis 330d, 335d and X5d

JB Plus Tuners for MINI
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B36/B46/B48 Engines

Cooper S
2011-2015 MINI N18 turbo


JB Plus Tuners for Mercedes-Benz
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2011-2016 Mercedes-Benz SLK 250
2012-2014 Mercedes-Benz C250
2013-2017 Mercedes-Benz E250 sedan & wagon


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