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Jb4 BMW BMW 335 Performance Jb4 135 335 intakes
JB4 Performance Tuner
bmw 335i performance
BMW N54 Twin Turbo Performance Upgrades - More Horsepower & More Torque!
N54 Tuners 2007-2010 BMW 335, 335xi, 135i, 535i, 535xi, Z4, X6, and 2011-2013 335is N54 Twin Turbo
JB3 BMW Performance Tuners
N54 JB4 $479.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
The ultimate racing companion for your N54 engine.
JB+ BMW Performance Tuners
N54 JB+ Quick Install Tuner $199.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
At the default setting of +3psi average increases are 30hp and 40tq to the wheels. For those looking to take things to the max up to +4psi can be quickly dialed in! Does not trigger codes and does not require entering the ECU area for installation. Can be installed and removed in minutes without any tools.
N54 JB4 Upgrades
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
N54 JB4 G5 Upgrade Kit, JB3->JB4 power wire, N54 JB4 Upgrade kit with mail in harness modification, G5 Speed Limit Defeat Wires, G5 2STEP relay for manual transmissions, JB4 3.5 bar TMAP adapter, JB4 Single Turbo Boost Solenoid, Replacement N54 JB4 PNP Harness, JB4 Billet Aluminum Enclosure, High Temp JB4 Enclosure, F Series JB4 All Weather Sleeve, and Replacement POSI-TAPS.
N54 Intakes  
BMS Dual Cone BMW Performance Intake Sale $95.00 - $109.00
Exclusively for the 2007-2010 BMW 135, 335, 335xi, 535i, 535xi and 2010+ 335is and Z4 N54 Twin Turbo.
Featuring quality S&B inverted cone filters our dual cone intake offers the highest possible flow in an attractive and easy to install package. Not to mention intoxicating sound. Includes anodized black aluminum couplers and all required hardware. The best value in N54 intakes! Filters available in red or white.
BMS Single Intake
BMS Silicon Single Turbo Filter $59.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
Tired of trying to power 600-700whp through a tiny K&N filter? Tired of typical urethane filter flanges melting to your turbo and falling apart after a couple of months? Introducing the BMS single turbo filter. This all silicon filter is designed to stand up to the heat and rigors of being installed directly to a turbo flange and offers 60% more surface area than the typical undersized K&N RU-2510 filter.
BMS Cowl Filters $59.00
E series BMW owners have known for some time that removing their cowl and HVAC filter system not only reduces vehicle weight but also improves overall engine bay cooling, facilitates engine & DME box access for service, and lets the driver better hear how the engine is running. But there was always a catch. How to stop dirt and debris from falling in in to the interior ventilation system? Well BMS has finally come up with a solution.
BMS Drop In Filter
Drop-In Replacement Filters Starting at $49.00
Simply replace your restrictive factory filter with one of these washable reusable filters.
Performance filter oil cleaning kit
Performance Air Filter Cleaning & Oil Kit $29.95
Keep your BMS intake operating at peak efficiency with our authorized filter cleaning kit. Simply wash the filter with the included filter cleaner and using the included applicator apply a perfectly metered amount of the included filter oil. We suggest cleaning your oiled filters every 10k to 20k miles for optimal performance. Each kit includes enough supplies for 3-4 cleanings.
BMW Performance Intercooler
Phoenix Racing BMW 135/335 N54 N55 Replacement Intercooler $299.00
The Phoenix Racing 135/335 front mount intercooler delivers more power and allows you to hold that power longer during extended pulls. Power is gained through a reduced pressure drop in addition to a larger cooling surface. Average power gains are on the order of 10whp peak but with the more efficient cooling you can retain as much as 20-30hp more than the OEM intercooler on warm days or during longer runs.

BMW Performance Intercooler
CPE BMW 135i / 335i Intercooler $699.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
Thermal Efficiency is the name of the game and we came to play. Our FMIC posted a staggering 83% efficiency @6800 RPM whereas the stock unit was 58%. At the heart of the front mounted intercooler, we feature a 3” thick bar and plate design that is capable of supporting up to 750hp. Fits 2007-2010 N54 Engines.
BMW Performance Intercooler BMS N54 Aluminum Chargepipe $239.00
Fits 2007-2010 N54 BMW 135i, 335i, 335xi and 2011+ 1M, 335is Twin Turbo Motor
Upgrade your flimsy OEM chargepipe to our heavy duty meth bung equipped replacement. In addition to sturdier construction and 3" diameter for increased flow this version of our charge pipe allows you to maintain your OEM or upgraded OEM style diverter valves. Perfect for the enthusiast looking for a stealthy setup.
BMW Performance Intercooler Phoenix Racing N54 Aluminum Replacement Chargepipe Special Intro Price $129.00
Fits 2007-2010 N54 BMW 135i, 335i, 335xi and 2011+ 1M, 335is Twin Turbo Motor
Manufactured in China the Phoenix Racing N54 Aluminum Replacement Chargepipe is a great low cost upgrade option. The aluminum is powder coated black for a long lasting finish, includes dual 1/8" NPT bungs & caps, and all hardware required for installation. Compatible with OEM and OEM style diverter valves only.
335 performance Phoenix Racing Aluminum Replacement N54 Chargepipe w/Tial BOV Flange
Special Intro Price $129.00
Fits 2007-2010 N54 BMW 135i, 335i, 335xi and 2011+ 1M, 335is Twin Turbo Motor
Manufactured by Phoenix Racing the N54 aluminum replacement chargepipe is a great low cost upgrade option. The throttle body flange is CNC machined and the aluminum piping powder coated black for a long lasting finish. Each pipe includes dual 1/8" NPT bungs, t-bolt clamps, and all hardware required for installation.
135 335 BOV CPE BMW Blowoff Valve Kit with Meth Bung Starting at $289.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
Replacing the flimsy plastic charge pipe and diverter valve system not only helps you safely hold more boost but also removes a common failure point and flow restriction all in one move. The Tial Sport blow off valve is a perfect match for the BMW, its sleek and sophisticated just like the car itself. It offers a sound that is not obnoxious but loud enough that you know something is under the hood.
best oil catch can tank
N54 BMW Oil Catch Can by BMS Starting at $179.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
Keep Oil Out of your BMW 135 335 535 Air Intake System. It's no secret that the BMW N54 motor suffers from serious oil control problems causing oil to blow through and coat the intercooler and charge piping, gunking up intake valves and the VANOS system, lowering the effective octane, and generally degrading engine performance. The higher your boost levels the more apparent these problems become.
N54 BMW Tools  
BMW Jack Pad Adapter
BMW Jack Pad Adapter by BMS $19.00
Safely jack up your BMW at the 4 factory jack points the way it was meant to be lifted. This convenient BMW jack pad adapter is the only way to jack up your BMW. No more worries or broken factory jack points, damage to your rocker panel or vehicle undercarriage. Lift your BMW correctly, securely and perfectly aligned every time.
BMW Jack Pad Adapter
Oil Filter Housing Removal/Install Tool for BMW $19.00
Save time and money by changing your oil. This tool easily removes/installs the oil filter housing cap on most BMW vehicles. Just place the BMS oil filter wrench over the oil filter housing and turn with common tools. Can be used with a 19MM socket, standard 19mm wrench, crescent wrench, 3/8" inch drive ratchet or torque wrench.
BMW Jack Pad Adapter
BMS Wheel Pin for BMW $10.00
The BMS wheel pin simplifies the wheel install process by holding the rim centered on the hub as you hand screw in your lug nuts. Just screw the wheel pin in to the top bolt hole and slide your rim over the pin on to the hub. You'll get perfect rim to hub alignment every time making the job faster, easier and safer.
bmw methanol water injection
Replacement Turbo BMW Spark Plugs and Magnetic Socket Starting at $12.00 ea.
Spark plug changes are suggested every 20k miles or so for tuned vehicles.
BMW Protective Wheel Saver Socket $12.99
Fits all  BMW Models.
Don't let a standard wheel socket chew up your expensive rims. Equipped with a synthetic polymer coating and insert the BMW protective wheel saver socket glides around your rim as you unscrew and tighten your lugs leaving no scratches or signs of wear. It's a must have for the serious enthusiast's tool box.
BMW led flashlight
Rechargeable Cigarette Socket LED Flashlight $15.00
This ultra-compact and incredibly bright flashlight is made out of stainless steel with an aluminum tactical barrel. Recharges in any cigarette lighter socket. Its small size, reliability and long LED life make it a must-have item in the glove-box, toolbox or purse. Fits most 12V vehicle, motorcycle, and marine cigarette outlets.
N54 BMW Upgrades
BMW Tuner
JB4 Billet Aluminum Enclosure $59.00
Our most protective case in the JB4 line-up. The sleek, stylish JB4 billet aluminum enclosure withstands drops, shocks and bumps while protecting electronics from dirt and water. CNC machined with a rubber sealing ring. Ideal for all weather F chassis applications. Made in the USA. Compatible with all BMS JB4 & Stage1 tuners.
JB3 2.0 6’ Datalogging Cable
JB4 Smart Phone Wireless Connect Kit (Rev. 3)
The JB4 Connect Kit (Rev 3) allows your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android devices to connect wirelessly to your JB4. View critical engine data in real time, datalog, read codes, change maps, update settings, update firmware, and more, all from the palm of your hand! The REV3 mounts next to the JB4 in the engine bay eliminating the need to run wires inside the cabin. It's compatible with all JB4 products.
BMW Jack Pad Adapter
Stainless Steel Brake Line Upgrade Kit $119.00
Fits 2005-2011 BMW 135i, 335 & M3. Our stainless steel braided lines feature a PTFE (Teflon) inner liner with a stainless steel outer braid. Improve the performance/reliability and increases the safety of your brake system by greatly reducing the expansion (swelling) of the brake line commonly seen on stock rubber brake lines.
Sport Oil Cooler Valve
Sport Oil Cooler Valve $59.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
This simple engine oil cooler valve increases flow to your fender mounted engine oil/air heat exchanger resulting in lower engine oil temperatures and more consistent performance during heavy throttle. Installs in minutes and is fully reversible. CNC machined for a precise fit and anodized red for protection.
Billet N54 N55 S55 Oil Thermostat Lid and Caps Starting at $29.00
This black, red or blue billet CNC replacement aluminum oil thermostat lid and matching caps is an excellent way to dress up your N54 N55 S55 engine bay. Highest Quality. Easy to install and made in the USA.
BMW Performance Intercooler BMS Modified BMW Clutch Valve $20.00
A must have for any BMW stick shift, the BMS performance clutch valve replaces your factory clutch delay valve with a professionally ported valve. The result is quicker shifts, longer clutch life, and improved 0-60 times. Installs quickly and is visually identical to the factory valve.
BMW Meth Elbow
Rob Beck Replacement PCV Valve $40.00
Replace your worn out original valve with this direct replacement to eliminate a potential boost leak in higher horsepower applications.
Rob Beck Replacement PCV Valve
ACF N54 Single Turbo Conversion Oil & Coolant Fittings Starting at $25.00
CNC machined fittings to facilitate the installation of an N54 single turbo kit.
BMW N54 N55 exhaust gasket BMS Replacement Downpipe Gaskets/Hardware $19.00
These high quality replacement downpipe gaskets are designed specifically for the high temperatures and rigors an N54/N55 turbo motor produces. While conventional metal clad (foil) gaskets are rated up to 500c these turbo specific composite gaskets are rated for much higher temperatures exceeding 600c. And at 60 mils they are extra thick for a perfect seal every time. Fits OEM and high flow downpipes. Also includes a quality set of mounting hardware to make your replacement a snap.
BMW Error Code Reset
Bavarian Technic Scanner Cable and Software Starting at $179.00
A true "game changing" product, the Bavarian Technic does everything a GT1/OPS system can and much more for a fraction of the price. Including reading/deleting extended codes, tuner detection codes, and airbag codes, check engine lights. Performs high speed data logging of over 600 parameters including knock retard, adaptation values, O2 sensors, boost targets, etc.
N54 BMW Exterior
BMW Paddle Shift Retrofit
BMS E90 E91 E92 E93 4" Slip-On N55/N54 335 Exhaust Tips $99.00 pair
Fits E Chassis E90 E91 E92 and E93 335i/iX/is Models
Give your factory exhaust an attitude adjustment with the BMS slip-on exhaust tips. These install by simply sliding over your old tips. Specially equipped with factory-like pressure clips so they go on easily and stay in place.


BMW Paddle Shift Retrofit
BMW Wheel Spacers by BMS Sale $95.00
One of the easiest BMW Mods! Widen the wheelbase of your BMW with a set of custom designed BMS BMW wheel spacers for superior handling and roll reduction. Wheel spacers push your rims and tires out flush with your wheel well for an instant aggressive look, better lateral stability and better handling. Bolt on better handling and looks.

Anti Theft Wheel Locks for BMW Wheel Spacers $19.00 Pair
Special Extended locking lug bolts for those of you with wheel spacers. These OEM style locks are specially designed with a longer thread area to accommodate the width of the spacer. Simply remove one spacer bolt from each wheel and replace with the locking bolt. Instant theft protection with little effort. Sold in pairs. To do all 4 wheels you will need to buy 2 pair.
Wheel Lock Set for BMW $29.00
Protect your expensive BMW OEM or aftermarket wheels! BMW's attract a lot of attention and unlocked wheels are sitting targets for thieves. These wheel locks help detour theft and offer you a little more peace of mind when parking outside overnight. The set includes 4 locking bolts, one for each wheel, as well as two keys. One for the trunk and another spare backup for your tool box. High quality locks at an affordable price.
Lightweight Titanium Lug Bolts for BMW $229.00
Titanium is known for its superior strength and light weight. This set of OEM style GR5 Titanium Lug Bolts is not only stronger than stock but weighs 45% less. A net savings of about a pound of rotating weight. Each set includes all 20 bolts and is priced almost half of what others charge for the same material. Not for use with wheel spacers kits.
H8 LED Angel Eye Upgrade Now Only $179.00
Most BMW vehicles with angel eyes came from the factory with a dim H8 filament bulb to light both rings. Most enthusiasts are not satisfied with the dim brownish yellow light these emit. By installing LUX brand LED angel eyes not only will you be upgrading from halogen angel eyes to LED, you will also be able to change the light color of your BMW angel eyes from a neutral white 5000K all the way up to a cool blue 12,000K color. There are 9 preset color settings that are adjustable by small switches on the power supply.
LUX 2005-2008 E90 V6 LED Angel Eyes - 6500K Color $125.00
LUX is proud to announce its latest product for the Pre-LCI E90 Sedans, the LUX E90 V7 Angel Eyes. These are the brightest LED angel eye replacements available for the Pre-LCI E90 sedans with xenon headlights . They have a 6500k white color, and utilize the highly efficient Cree XP-G3 LED's to maximize brightness. In fact, the LUX E90 lights match the stock xenon headlight almost perfectly.
Angel Eyes
Arc Angel White Halogen Angel Eyes SALE $19.00
2007+ BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, X5, X6, and 6 Series. Arc Angel Bulbs are specifically designed as an easy plug and play enhancement to your OEM angel eyes. They produce a much whiter and cleaner looking light without the the need for messy wiring, ballasts, fault codes, dim outer rings, and other headaches typically associated with angel eye upgrades.
LED BMW Trunk Light
LED Footwell and Under Door Step Lights for BMW $39.00 pair
Give your BMW a bright modern look with these amazing LED courtesy light conversions. These can be used under the doors and footwells. Installs in seconds plug & play. Exact OEM Fit and finish.
LED BMW Trunk Light
High Intensity LED License Plate Lights for BMW $39.00 pair
Upgrade your stock non-LED BMW license plate lights or upgrade your OEM LED BMW license plate lights. Sold in pairs, these plug & play units are guaranteed to be super bright and are error code free. Easy to install with a simple screwdriver without any cutting or splicing. Update the look of your BMW!
LED BMW Trunk Light
BMW TowPlate™ No Drilling Front License Plate Holder Starting at $97.45
The cp-e™ BMW TowPlate™ was designed to mount the license plate off center, and away from the intercooler. This allows the intercooler to work at full capacity, which ultimately helps performance. The off-center placement is also congruent with the natural lines of the car, which looks trick without being ostentatious. The problem is that running a front plate typically requires permanent modification to the front bumper, looks out of place, and also blocks airflow to the front mounted intercooler. The cp-e™ TowPlate™ solves all of these problems.
BMS Single Intake
12V Power Cord for GoPro Hero 3 & 4 Cameras $24.00
Tired of your GoPro battery letting you down when the action starts? Imagine having full power to your GoPro Hero 3 and 4 at all times. It's now possible with this new 12v power adapter. Simply plug into your cigarette lighter outlet and route the 11' cable anywhere around your car, truck, or boat or anything with a 12v outlet.
gopro BMW camera mount video bumper cam
Tow Hook GoPro Camera Mount for BMW $39.95
Mounts your GoPro camera in your front or rear tow hook mounting area. This is a solid, safe, vibration free mounting area and is a great alternative to unreliable suction cups or double stick tape mounts. This mount keeps your GoPro camera on the car and off the street or track. The BMW tow hook BMW GoPro camera mount is constructed in the USA of CNC machined billet aluminum, anodized black for protection and reduced glare and has a stainless steel mounting bolt for a secure vibration free mount delivering professional results.
N54 BMW Interior
BMW Paddle Shift Retrofit
Add OEM BMW Paddle Shifters (1 & 3 Series & X1) $99.00
Our plug and play harness allows you to add OEM M3 or Sport paddle shifters (purchased separately) to any 2004-2011 BMW 1 Series, 3 series or X1 with Steptronic transmission. No need for expensive ECU reflash, cutting, messy wiring, or service codes. Simply unplug the factory connectors and plug in our harness. After receiving our harness you will also need to separately purchase a paddle shift steering wheel (one with cutouts for paddles), the paddle shifters, and a steering wheel control module (buttons on the wheel).
Short Shifter 335i MT manual transmission Short Shift Kit for BMW Intro Price $129.00 - $169.00
Shifter Movement Reduced by 25-30% and shift knob Height reduced by .5". OEM shift knob can be used. Includes all hardware and installation instructions. Now available for both E series and F series vehicles.
Short Shifter 335i MT manual transmission Billet Shift Rod for Manual E90/E92 335i $84.99
Shifter Movement Reduced by 25-30% and shift knob Height reduced by .5". OEM shift knob can be used. Includes all hardware and installation instructions.
BMS Short Throw Clutch Stop $10.00 + Free Shipping
Fits all 1982 - Present BMW manual transmissions.
Faster and smoother shifts with no other modification This adjustable clutch stop allows faster and smoother shifts by removing the dead space between your clutch pedal and the floor. Snaps in to place like your OEM clutch stop and is fully reversible. Takes only minutes to install or remove. For manual transmissions only.
LED BMW Trunk Light
LED Footwell and Under Door Step Lights for BMW $39.00
Give your BMW a bright modern look with these amazing LED courtesy light conversions. These can be used under the doors and footwells. Installs in seconds. Exact OEM Fit and finish with super bright Xenon white LED light.
LED BMW Trunk Light
LED BMW Trunk Light Upgrade $29.00
Give your BMW trunk a bright updated look with these OEM quality BMS LED trunk light conversions. Give your BMW trunk a bright updated look with this OEM quality BMS LED trunk light. These plug and play assemblies are 4X brighter than the stock filament trunk light. It is a complete replacement LED unit. Not just an LED bulb. Great LED looks and brightness every time you open your trunk. Exact OEM fit and finish.
JB4 Magnetic Cell Phone Mount $15.00 + Free Domestic Shipping
Keep your phone in view and secure at all times with the JB4 cell phone holder. Just peel and stick on any flat surface. Use on any phone with ease.
JB4 Logo Wire Key Chain $5.00 + Free Shipping
This double sided stamped JB4 key chain is the perfect addition to your BMW key. Get yours today.
Methanol Injection / Fueling
BMW Fuel Pump upgrade walbro
Fuel-IT E Series Low Fuel Pressure Upgrade Kits Starting at $199.00
Fuel-IT Stage1 kits are designed to be installed inline with your stock low pressure fuel pump (LPFP). They provide approximately 50% more flow when combined with your stock pump. Stage2 is the most popular and capable E series low fuel pressure replacement kit. Ideal for those running ethanol fuels it's based around the new Walbro 450 E85 fuel pump (F90000267) providing 100% more flow than the factory assembly in a completely plug and play package.
Ethanol Content Tester Kit $16.99
Included is one ethanol tester, one cap, two pipettes, a storage/protective plastic case, and directions.
bmw methanol water injection
FUEL-IT N54 Secondary Fuel Line Adapter and Fuel Injectors Starting at $1299.00
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
The ultimate fueling solution for your N54. Adds six supplemental low pressure fuel injectors allowing fueling of up to 800whp using straight E85 fuels. Currently requires a SS AIC4 for injector control but JB4 integration via a special add on board similar to our methanol injection FSB controller is coming soon. Available with or without injectors.
bmw methanol water injection
BMS Turbo BMW WMI Water/Meth/Alky Injection Kits
Competition Race Vehicles Only.
Water/Methanol/Alcohol injection commonly referred to as WMI allow you to make tremendous amounts of power on pump gas. The effect is similar to running 100 octane race gas or E85 fuel all the time with the additional cooling benefits allowing for more power than you can make on race gas or E85 alone.
Widen Your Stance N54 N55 Cowl Filters Cool Down Your Oil F30 330/340 Intake BMW Oil Catch Can LED Angel Eye Upgrade
BMW Wheel Spacers BMW Cowl Filter cabin N54 N55 Sport Oil Cooler Valve BMW 1235 335 535 N54 N55 bmw 340i 340ix intake BMW Oil Catch Can
N55 Performance Intake Spark Plug Socket Scan your BMW for Codes 12V Gopro Power Cord Billet Thermostat Lid E90 E92 335 Exhaust Tips
N55 Intake 135 335 X1 BMW Jack Pad Adapter Scanner BMS Single Intake BMW Paddle Shift Retrofit
BMW Performance Tunes:
N54 JB4
N54 JB+ Quick Install
N20 N55 S55 Stage 1 Tuner
E Series N55 JB4
F Series JB+ Tuner
F Series N55 JB4
B48/B58 JB+ BETA
B46/B48/B58 JB4
N20 / N26 JB4
N63/N63tu Stage 1
M5/M6 S63tu Stage 1
s63tu M5/M6 JB4 BETA w/ BCM & OBDII
2015+ M3/M4 S55 JB4
2016+ M2 JB4
BMS Power Box (PBX)
JB Diesel (JBD)
BMW Performance Intakes:
BMS N54 Dual Cone Intake
BMS N55 BMW Performance Intake
F30 F32 N55 Performance Intake
BMS M3/M4 S55 Performance Intake
BMS M5/M6 s63tu Performance Intake
BMS B58 340 Performance Intake
BMS Silicon Single Turbo Filter
BMW Drop-In Air Filter Replacements
Filter Cleaning & Oil Kit
BMW Oil Catch Can
N54/N55 BMW 135i / 335i Intercooler
cp-e™ BMW 135i / 335i Intercooler
F Chassis BMW Intercooler
cp-e BMW 135i 335i Blow Off Valve Kit
BMS N54 N55 Chargepipe
Phoenix Racing N54 / N55 Chargepipe
F Chassis N55 Chargepipe
N20 N26 Chargepipe
M3/M4 S55 Chargepipes
BMW Interior:
Add OEM BMW Paddle Shifters
Short Shift Kit for BMW
Billet Shift Rod
F30 F31 F32 LED Glove Box Light
LED Courtesy / Footwell Lights
LED BMW Trunk Light Upgrade
Downshift Blocker
Short Throw Clutch Stop
GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
LED 12v Flashlight
JB4 Logo Keychain
BMW Exterior:
AC Fabrication Aluminum Catback
3.5" N55 & B58 F Chassis Exhaust Tips
E Chassis 335 4" Slip-On N55/N54 Exhaust Tips
S55 M3 M4 F Chassis 3.75" Exhaust Tips
M3 M4 M5 M6 F Chassis Billet 3.75" Exhaust Tips
328 N51 N52 E Chassis Exhaust Tips
BMW Wheel Spacers and Spacer Bolts
Wheel locks for Spacers
Wheel Locks for BMW
Titanium BMW Lug Bolts
H8 LED Angel Eyes
White Halogen H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade
BMW Wheel Pin Tool
LED License Plate Lights
LED Courtesy Lights
BMW Tow Hook GoPro Camera Mount
BMW Tow Plate License Plate Mount
BMW Metal Jack Pad Adapter
Protective Wheel Saver Socket
Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
BMS Stickers
BMW Upgrades:
N54 JB4 Upgrades
N55 JB4 Upgrades
N20/N26 JB4 Upgrades
N63 JB4 Upgrades
JB4 Billet Aluminum Enclosure
JB4 Smart Phone Wireless Connect Kit (Rev. 3)
BMS DATA Cable & 3' Extension Cable
Bavarian Technic BMW Scanner
OBDII CAN Module for F Series
N54 N55 Spark Plugs
BMW Methanol Injection and Accessories
B58 340 Billet Methanol Spacer
Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
Stainless Steel Brake Line Upgrade
Sport Oil Cooler Valve
Rob Beck Replacement PCV Valve
BMS Short Throw Shifter
Billet Shift Rod
Replacement Downpipe Gaskets/Hardware
Fuel-IT N54 Secondary Fuel Line Adapter
E Series Low Fuel Pressure Upgrade Kits
Ethanol Content Tester Kit
N54 N55 S55 Oil Thermostat Lid
Short Throw Clutch Stop
Modified BMW Clutch Valve
BMW Oil Catch Can
Mini Cooper:
JB+ Mini Cooper Tune
MINI B38 / B46 / B48 JB4 BETA
Bavarian Technic BMW Scanner
R55 R56 R57 R58 R59 Wheel Spacers
Mini Cooper Wheel Spacers
Mini Cooper Floor Jack Pad
Countryman Paceman Floor Jack Pad
Mini Cooper Wheel Locks & Keys
Mini Cooper Wheel Spacer Locks
Mini Tow Hook GoPro Camera Mount
GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
BMS Wheel Pin Tool
Magnetic Spark Plug Socket
Clutch Stop
Protective Wheel Socket
Rechargeable LED Flashlight
Mercedes Benz:
2015 W205 C200 C250 C300 Stage1
2015 W205 C400 Stage1
C250 JB+ Tuner
C250 Intake
2015+ C200 C300 Intake
Mercedes Floor Jack Pad
Mercedes Wheel Spacers
17mm Protective Wheel Socket
Air Filter Cleaning Kit
Rechargeable LED Flashlight
12V Power Cable for GoPro Hero 3 and 4
Parts for VW:
JB1 and JB4 Tuners for VW
JB1 Billet Aluminum Enclosure
JB1 Plastic All Weather Enclosure
Gen 3 Turbo Muffler Delete for VW & Audi
EA888 JB4 BETA Upgrade Kit
BMS EA888 Intake and Turbo Inlet
Wheel Spacers for VW Mk7
Billet Windshield Reservoir Washer Cap for VW
Tow Hook Camera Mount for GoPro
Clutch Stop for VW
VW Rechargable LED Flashlight
GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
17mm Protective Wheel Socket
Lexus RC200t and IS200t Intake
Lexus Wheel Spacers by BMS
21mm Protective Wheel Socket
Rechargable LED Flashlight
GoPro Hero 3 and 4 12V Power Cord
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