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BMW 335i 135i Performance
cp-e 135/335 Intercooler
Exclusively for the 2007-2010 N54 BMW 135i, 335, 335xi and 2011-2013 335is Twin Turbo
BMW Intercooler
Bolt on better cooling for more horsepower & torque!

Thermal Efficiency is the name of the game and we came to play. cp-e has always strived to be innovators in the automotive industry and we have created a product that separates our FMIC from all other solutions.

At the heart of the FMIC, we feature a 3” thick bar and plate design that is capable of supporting up to 750hp. We also provide replacement piping for pre and post-intercooler piping. The 135i/335i intercooler is measured at 5.5" x 6" x 21" which is a substantial upgrade from the stock unit. We opted for this size to maximize surface area while minimizing the cutting required for the end-user to install. While there is no trimming required for the 335i, on the 135i application, we require a little cutting for proper fitment. This is detailed in our installation guide. Our FMIC posted a staggering 83% efficiency @6800 RPM whereas the stock unit was 58%. We could say our intercooler is 95% efficient but that isn’t a relative portion of the test and we believe it’s misleading.

In addition to this FMIC, we have also engineered an oil-cooling unit that is mounted on the FMIC to alleviate all notions of the N54 stock oil cooling not being sufficient under heavy driving. So for the price of the competition you also get an oil-cooling unit on top of an upgraded intercooler.

With the growing need to provide qualitative data, cp-e has made it a priority to do vigorous testing on our FMIC and provide the public with a full synopsis of how our FMIC performs under various driving conditions. To capture this information, we used our BlackBox logging utility. It’s a telemetry logging system that uses both a 3D accelerometer and a GPS to indicate vehicle speed and position over time. Additionally, the system features 8 analog input channels which have been populated with a series of temperature and pressure sensors so we can see exactly how the intercooler performs under real conditions!

Need more analysis? We’ve published white papers for all the technically savvy gear heads located in the link below. We feel that all information we’ve used to analyze this product should also be available for public consumption to assert our claims of having one of the best intercooler solutions for the BMW market.

BMW 135 335 Intercooler


BMW 1 Series
• 2007-2010 N54 BMW 135i

BMW 3 Series
• 2007-2010 N54 BMW 335i/335xi
• 2011-2013 N54 BMW 335is

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cp-e 135/335/335is Intercooler

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