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BMW led angel eyes
High Intensity LED Angel Eye Upgrade for your E90 Sedan BMW
LUX E90 Led angel eyes 2005 2006 2007 2008 LUX E90 V7 LED
Angel Eyes Applications:

BMW E90 3 Series Sedan (pre-LCI):
• 2006-2008 sedan with xenon headlights

Will NOT work with the M3 Sedan or E92 coupe models. The LUX H8 V5 or LUX H8 160 are required.

What's my BMW chassis code?
LUX E90 V7 2006-2008 LED Angel Eyes (Latest Version)
6500K Color Light Output

The LUX E90 V7 lights are the brightest LED angel eye replacements available for the Pre-LCI E90 sedans with xenon headlights. They have a 6500k white color, 1800 total lumen, and utilize the highly efficient Cree XB-H LED's to maximize brightness. In fact, the LUX E90 lights match the stock xenon headlight almost perfectly. Over 4x brighter than stock bulbs, no dimming and feature full brightness in all headlight modes. Will not cause any warning, errors, or on-board messages.

Color Rating: 6500K - 1 order will contain 2 lights and will illuminate all 4 rings on a vehicle.

BMW LED angel eyes 160 7000K luxangeleyes.com

LUX E90 V6 LED Features :
• 100% plug & play
• Bright 6500K color light output
• Completly Replaces Factory Bulb
• All-in-one design
• 2 bulbs lights all 4 rings
• 4x brighter than stock bulbs
• No dimming in headlight mode

BMW led angel eyes

Best E90 2006 2007 2008 E90 led angel eyes upgrade
How to order the BMW LED angel eyes upgrade:

Step 1: Please positively identify if your vehicle has factory OEM BMW xenon headlights. They must say Xenon on them somewhere. All LED angel eye upgrades sold on this website only work with vehicles with factory xenon headlights. If you have halogen headlights please do not order. See xenon and halogen headlights photo below.

Step 2: Select your exact vehicle from the drop-down menu in the gray boxes below that say above the green "Add to Cart" button.
Shipping and tax (where applicable) is calculated at the time of checkout.

E90 LED halogen angel eyes headlights xenon

LUX 2006-2008 E90 V7 LED Angel Eyes - 6500K Color
1 order will contain 2 lights and will illuminate all 4 rings on a vehicle.

$125.00 + Free Shipping in USA
Worldwide Shipping Available.
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BMW LED angel eyes
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